dollar rent a car

Terms and conditions


In order to rent a car, you need to:

  •  Be at least 23 years old
  •  Have a valid driver´s license from your country
  •  Have an ID or Passport
  •  Leave a guarantee deposit with your credit card of:

- US$ 950 for car categories A and B

- US$ 1100 for car categories C

- US$ 2400 for car categories D

- US$ 3200 for car categories E and F


The guarantee deposit is made with a voucher and is independent of car rental payment. Once

the vehicle is returned, if no damage was made to the car and if there are no traffic tickets left to

charge, the guarantee deposit will be returned. If the car were damaged or there were tickets left

to pay, you will be able to pay them with the guarantee voucher, or with any other valid payment





You can make your reservation through (with 24 hours’ notice):

  • Our telephone numbers
  • Filling in the form on the web page
  • Our e-mail address


After you send your reservation requirements, we will get back to you with the confirmation.

Reservations and rates will we subject to availability of the chosen vehicle category. Vehicles can

be selected by category, not by model. Dollar Rent a Car reserves the right to assign another car

model of the same category.




Our rates are shown in US dollars. Rates include a mandatory insurance with a deductible for

which the customer is responsible. Rates do not include gas, local charges or additional insurance

coverage (with reduced deductible).


Insurance coverage with reduced deductible (Optional)


You have the option to pay an extra fee per day and reduce your deductible amount. This option

is available for rentals over 3 days. According to the vehicle category, the cost would be the


  • Cat A – B: US$ 15 per day - Deductible US$ 250
  • Cat C: US$ 20 per day - Deductible US$ 300
  • Cat D: US$ 30 per day - Deductible US$ 500
  • Cat E – F: Do not accept reduced deductible

This insurance coverage does not include loss of keys, stolen radio or damage caused intentionally.


Additional services


Check in/check out location: At the time you make your reservation, you should state if

the check in location is not the same as the check-out location. If you would like to

change this option after you took the vehicle, you must communicate with the office

where you took the car and confirm this option is available. Dollar Rent a Car reserves the

right of not allowing this option after you took the car.


Car delivery: Our Company offers car delivery service. The cost will depend on the

location where the car has to be delivered (aprox. US$20 if close to any of our locations).

This applies for car pick-up as well as for car return.

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