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Benefits for tourist

Paying by Credit Card or Debit foreign, refund of VAT (22%). Discover here all the benefits that you can join to enjoy a holiday in Uruguay
Benefits for tourist

Refund of VAT on tourist services provided to non-resident individuals until July 31, 2014 , paid by credit or debit cards issued abroad . The company issuing the card shall include in the statement, the discount shown on the ticket issued by the POS .

 The services included are:


a) Lease vehicles without driver .


b ) Hospitality Services , when rendered by restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, coffee shops , tea rooms and the like, or by hotels, motels, apart-hotels , inns, tourist holidays , country hotels , tourist farms, country inns , camping lodges and hostels, provided that such services do not integrate the concept of lodging .


Returning 10.5 % of the leases with tenants for tourism purposes other than non-resident individuals , provided that the lease is carried in registered Realtors and the means of payment used , either debit or credit card issued abroad . This refund will operate until July 31, 2014 . The company issuing the card shall include in the statement, the discount shown on the ticket issued by the POS .

The following existing benefits also maintain :

 A ) Scheme of Tax Free for purchases made at participating system trades, you fulfill the necessary formalities at the time of purchase and while the exit from the country occurs through any of the following border crossings : Carrasco International Airport , Laguna del Sauce Airport , Port of Montevideo, Colonia Harbour , Cruise Arrivals Terminal of Punta del Este, Salto Bridge - Concordia bridge Abroad - Columbus and Fray Bentos bridge - Puerto Unzué . Upon leaving the country , you must complete the necessary formalities for refund, in duly identified positions .

B) Discount 24 % fuel card payment on the sale price at stations located within 20 km from the border with Argentina posts

C ) VAT zero Hotels - Benefit for foreigners presenting valid document.

D ) Tolls may be paid in Uruguayan Pesos , Dollars, Argentinian Pesos or Reales .




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